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The image I selected to write about is a historical image. It is an image from a time in America history when baseball was the way of life. in the time of the golden era, baseball was America’s game. I found the picture on I was on the site and came across something that interests me; sports. This image is very much part of our visual culture because it has an intended audience. This image is trying to target sports fans everywhere to think smoking is supported by big league players, which it very much was in the past. I believe the audience was reached.  Baseball was such a big part of society at the time that many young and old people would buy The World’s Champions cigarettes. The image of the actual baseball player makes him look serious and ready to play ball.  He is mustache also makes him look older and cool. Barthes would look at this image and go through the three steps of linguistic, denoted, and connoted. For linguistic, he would say that is a baseball player and an ad for a cigarette company. For the denoted part, he would say it say the baseball player symbolizes fame and a fun sport. This tries to sell to people that if famous people are smoking, why aren’t you? Finally the connoted part would be the whole idea of the country. The fact that baseball was the biggest part of the time and so was smoking in baseball. Some players smoked during the game. This is why they are using people’s love of baseball to sell cigarettes. 


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  1. This is a really interesting image because it’s not just an advertisement, it’s an example of a baseball card from 1887. According to the linguistic message of this image, people who bought a pack of cigarettes would receive a baseball card like this one (depicting John M. Ward of the New York Giants, according to the caption on the Library of Congress website). The advertisement also tells us that there would be cards featuring pugilists (or boxers). How does all of this contextual information change your thinking about what the denoted and connoted messages could be?

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