Contemporary Art


When I read the prompt for what we needed to post I decided to look up some contemporary art on Google. I thought about which ones really intrigued me and interested me.  This photo here really caught my attention because of the darkness and personal struggle it shows. A personal function is shown through the deepness of the image. It seems as though the man sitting down can not get rid of something.  There is an over casting shadow of some one or something always there. I feel that the artist of this photo was trying to portray a personal connection to anything.  For me being new to art I liked the personal feeling you got from this photo because I am trying to find my personal connection to art.  This is a 100 level course so for most of us art is a new thing to try and finding a personal connection will take some time and deep thought sort of like this photo.  This photo can relate to Roland Barthes idea of the “rhetoric of a image”.  You can find the connoted message and the denoted message. You can say the denoted message (literal) is that the man is just sitting there looking at his shadow thinking. The connoted message (symbolic) is he is thinking.  Thinking of more then there is a shadow there. 


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  1. I agree with what you are saying about the image but instead of viewing the shadow as something or someone he cannot get rid of, I see it being a shadow of what he wants to achieve. The man sitting in the chair is clearly distressed by something that he encountered in life, but there is a part of him that wants to keep moving forward rather than dwell on that negative energy in his past. This image could also be seen as a foreshadowing of what is to come in his life. The figure in the back is showing that in this moment in time he is hopeless but the image in front could be showing him moving forward in the future and that this sadness will not last forever.

    I think that this piece of art can speak to a lot of different people. At some point in everyone’s life we all encounter obstacles that seem impossible to get over and rather than give up we should push through it and strive to optimistic and make the most out of everything in life.

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