The image I selected is from burton snowboarding, I saw this add on the television when I was watching the winter X games. And I felt that it would make a good example for visual culture. This commercial add was during the winter season when everyone is snow boarding. I liked how it had the rider floating through the air effortlessly with the burton logo underneath giving you the linguistic aspect of the add. It also has the landscape behind the rider letting you capture the feel of the setting and giving you the feeling that you were there with the rider as he was sailing through the air. Basically saying if you ride burton you can be like the rider. The fact that there is the burton logo only and no words the red letter B lets the audience know what the picture is about. Basically saying that if you want to be good at snowboarding and ride in amazing places ride Burton. The Url link of the Picture is posted below






  1. I think that you hit a lot of the main points of this picture. I also think one other thing to consider is the color of the board. That was the first thing that caught my eye when I looked at the picture. I know a lot of snowboards have a lot of bright colors on them and the one in this picture almost says “look at me”. I agree with the concept that the picture makes you feel like if you buy Burton products that it will help you get to the level of skill that this particular rider possesses. The fact that it was aired during the Winter X Games is definitely helping support the argument that any average snowboarder could be like this guy if they get a Burton board. The background and the landscape definitely set this picture off. It looks to be a beautiful, untouched mountain with fresh snow on it, which is a dream for any snowboarder or skier. The Denoted image to me appears to be that Burton is a snowboarding company and that they appear to have quality products. The connoted image is everything that I talked about earlier. It is saying if you ride Burton snowboards, you can do the things that the guy in the picture is doing. They are trying to convince the audience that Burton snowboards are the best, and to be the best, you have to ride the best.

  2. You both call our attention to important aspects of the linguistic and denoted image — the “B” for Burton, the height of the snowboarder, the untouched white powder snow. I would argue that equally important as the snow and and the snowboarder is the blue sky. The contrast between white and blue call our attention to how much air the boarder is getting – he is even higher than the sun. It reminded me of the myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and burnt his wings. The element of danger that the snowboarder courts — enabled by his great snowboard — leads to one of connoted messages: that extreme sports can lead to liberating thrills if you’re brave enough to defy death and push limits.

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