Kanye West By: Borbay

Kanye West  By: Borbay

This painting of Kanye West caught my eye for many different reasons. Some may call Kanye an iconic figure, or over the years some may have become truly disgusted with his actions. Either way one looks at it, hands down Kanye is a part of our visual culture, no matter how one depicts him. While first looking at this picture I got intrigued by the black glasses and if one looks very closely his red eyes. Kanye is not represented in this painting as your classic rapper. Instead he has a suit on that looks clean and has a nice sophisticated look. Next one cannot help but to realize the linguistic message with all the words in the background. Standing out to me was pulse, killer, abominable, groupies, psycho, monster, fear, just to name a few. We see this lightness around his face and then to the corners of the painting getting darker, the color of black. The intended function of this image could be to say what Kanye West is not , or possibly to portray this double meaning of him. The target on our right side looking at the picture but his left seems to me like a bullet target. Is someone out to get him? Or is he being constantly watched? I feel as if Mirzoeff would look at this as a political tactic, where Kanye is the target. This image is certainly a tool for the powerful, even Kanye looks powerful. However, the people as Mirzoeff mentions had to instill some of these concepts to give the painter this idea. I choose this picture and found it on google. I wanted a controversial topic in our culture today and I felt the words and color truly spoke out to this image.



  1. This is a really rich image for analysis and can be approached from many different ways. Perhaps that’s the differences between an artwork and an advertisement? There’s more room for ambiguity and the intention behind the image is much more open to discussion. Khalilah’s post does a great job of using visual evidence (contrasts between light and dark, placement of color, the way Kanye is positioned and pictured) to propose a range of meaning for the artwork.

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