Bass Pro Shops Advertisement


This photo is an advertisement for Bass Pro Shops, a fishing and outdoor sports store.  I chose this picture because I love to fish and this picture has a lot of meaning in it.  The visual perspective is displayed by the grass blades’ relationship to the man in the boat.  It gives you a sense that the picture was taken from a distance and at a lower angle since it is almost looking up at the boat and fisherman.  The sun and the horizon that is far off give another perspective of how open and remote the area he is in actually is and that creates a sense of calmness and peace.  Another thing that I thought was interesting was the fact that the man is silhouetted.  It creates the idea that it could be anyone, including yourself in that boat catching the big fish.  That is one thing that makes this a good advertisement. The fact that the man is silhouetted makes all the other colors from the sun and the clouds and the reflection off the water pop more.  I think that there could be two different perspectives in this picture. The first one is the idea that you’re the one who is in the boat catching the fish and I think that is the more figurative perspective.  The other perspective is that you could be on the shore fishing from there, where the picture is being taken.  I think that it definitely gives a sense of realism because this is a real life sport or hobby that people pursue.



  1. I really enjoyed this post and I especially liked how the sky looks with the sun reflecting onto the water. The way it reflects all the way across is really interesting. Also how the water is rolling off of the fish like it was just pulled out of the water is very cool. As a whole it is a very peaceful advertisement and it seems to fit very well with what its for. When people fish it is normally quiet and it is a very relaxing hobby for them and it seems like its like that for him.

  2. I understand the appeal of this advertisement as well. The angle at which the picture was taken evokes a sense of calmness. The fisher is enjoying his time and seems pretty sure his efforts will pay off. The man’s security is a key aspect of the feelings the company is trying to display through the picture. His silhouette is enclosed by the sun and the grass which holds him in place resting on the water. The fishing rod is almost touching a blade of grass that’s curving on the left hand side which leads the viewers eyes towards the center. The image depicts the ideal fishing scenario and encourages people to come to their store for fishing supplies. If I were planning on fishing, I would definitely be stopping at Bass Pro Shop first!

  3. I can see the appeal that this advertisement showcases. The way the picture is taken captures the peacefulness of the moment. A man in the early morning hours on the lake calm with no one around. The man holding the fish is the main aspect of this advertisement. His shadow against the sun as it reflects off the water really shows the stillness of the photo and captures the moment to the max. The way the sun meets with the reeds draws your eyes to the center of the photo. The photo shows the perfect scenario nobody on the lake clam glass like water, the perfect location in the reeds where the big fish lie. This shows that with the proper gear one can experience the same situation as this fisherman. Next time I go fishing ill be sure to stop at Bass Pro shop to stock my big bass arsenal.

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