Driftwood Sculptures



The Young Arabian. Colt for bronze


This is a horse sculpture created by artist Heather Jansch. Unlike tradition Sculptures, this artist constructs them from different pieces of driftwood. Struken and Cartwright said “We are surrounded by images that play with representation”, and I chose this sculpture because I think it interestingly plays off of the perspective of realistic art with some abstract aspects. I find it realistic in a sense because at first glance most people can conclude that this sculpture is unmistakably a horse. Struken and Cartwright state that in order for visual art to be considered “realistic” it depicts the objects as how it would be seen by the naked eye. For this particular sculpture the shape and placement of the wood throughout depicts a standing horse with ears up and alert, and tail slightly elevated. This gives a sense of life and motion to the sculpture as if the tail was moving, and the ears are focused in on something. The legs are positioned in a naturalistic way making them look movable and not stiff since the back feet are slightly diagonal. These sculptures are also created to represent the actual size of a horse.  All of these things help give the sculpture character and make it more lifelike.  

As for the abstract part, it is not a typical stone or clay representation of a horse. Struken and Cartwright define abstract art as art that represent objects but by abstracting different aspects of them. This sculpture was created by careful placement of driftwood. In a sense this sculpture reminds me of cubism. Cubism is the placement of planar shapes to make an image and this sculpture was created out of careful placement of differently shaped driftwood. The more you examine this sculpture the more your point-of-view between realistic and abstract shifts.




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  1. I really enjoy this sculpture. I agree with the perspective aspect of this post. It is true that it does resemble a horse and you would not be mistaken looking at the sculpture what the artist was trying to depict. On the point of view topic, I think its amazing what the artist has created. It is so interesting to see how he has blurred the lines between abstract and realistic. The wood is placed so precisely that you do not even notice that it was created by using drift wood. But, upon closer examination, you realize that the wood has not been cut or carved to created this work of art, but rather picked up off the beach to create this horse. Thus, making it apparent that it does have an abstract quality to the sculpture. I really enjoy when a work of art is created to look so life like out of abstract objects that are in our everyday world.

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