War and Peace



This is a picture of an American solider who is dressed and prepared for war but is holding his hand up that is showing the peace sign that he most likely drew on it.  I believe that this is a very powerful image because it is trying to show the viewer that there is a purpose of this war and it is to try to attain world peace.  In this picture you can see the shadows that are reflecting onto the hand and the solider almost show that the shadows are almost representing the darkness but the light is showing that there is hope to come and one day there can be world peace.  I think that when you look at this image it is wanting the viewer to realize that there is a reason why we are fighting and we have to be fighting to attain peace in this world.  This image wants to give the viewer hope that one day there will be peace and that there is not meaningless violence going on for no reason.  I think that this is such a powerful image because there is much controversy that is highly debated today of whether or not there should be a war and if there is meaningless violence going on that is resulting in soldiers being killed for no reason.  This picture shows the viewer that the soldiers do in fact have good intentions and ultimately want world peace.  Also in this image you can see that the soldier is ready for battle with his helmet clipped on and dressed appropriately but you can not see his face.  I think that this shows the viewer sometimes the individual soldiers do not get remembered or enough credit and their whole purpose is to protect us and give us world peace but we don’t even see the face on this individual soldier.  This picture is also showing us that we as people almost blend all of the soldiers together and give them no identity while they try to accomplish a common goal of world piece.  It is like we forget about the soldiers through the shadow of death, but in reality each soldier is an individual who is willing to sacrifice their life for yours.  This picture is really powerful and all though there are no words on it this image,this picture really speaks a countless number of words. From the soldiers uniform to the shadows reflecting on him to the peace sign on his hand it is obvious that this image wants us to recognize our soldiers and see that they are fighting for world peace.


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  1. I completely agree with your comments above about the picture. In addition, I also noticed that this soldier’s face is emotionless or more so neutral. I think his lack of emotion emphasizes the brainwashing most soldiers go through in order to reach the ultimate goal. They are trained to have no feelings when they are in battle but rather move persistently towards the goal, in this case peace. This may be a stretch, but I notice that the soldier is holding up all of his fingers with the peace sign. He doesn’t have the peace sign on one hand while pointing with another finger towards the sign but rather peace and all his fingers extended on one hand. I see this as everyone, not just one country, needs to come together to achieve this world peace. It isn’t one country fighting but rather it should be everyone coming together. On the other hand, I think this picture lacks location. We cannot exactly tell if he is in battle in another country or at training, but the peace sign does infer that he most likely is overseas. Overall, I think the picture gets the point across that world peace is on the soldier’s mind and they are striving to reach this goal.

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