Statue of Liberty

When People think of the statue of Liberty, many different ideologies come to mind.  Ideologies come from connotative meaning.  These are social and cultural meanings that are added to a work of art literal meaning.  This brings more meaning to the work of art and creates larger dimensions to the work of art. The statue was originally supposed to represent liberty for the entire world.  For example, the seven points on her crown are supposed to represent the seven continents.  But, in turn, the statue became a symbol of American freedom and the dreams that could be obtained through hard work in the free world. When immigrants left their hardships of their homeland to come to America, one of the first symbols they saw before even entering the United States through immigration, or even getting off the boat they traveled on was the Statue of Liberty.  The connotative meaning that the statue holds is the American Dream as well as freedom.  That anything is possible and once you set foot on the soil of the United States, you are free and have the same chances as the next person to make all your dreams come true. 

Originally this was supposed to be a symbol of liberty for the entire world.  But, because this statue was placed in the harbor of New York, the statue became a symbol of freedom to those who lived in the United States, or immigrated to America, rather than a work of art intended to be a symbol of liberty for the entire world to appreciate and emulate.


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  1. I agree with Riley about this work of art being the symbol of the American dream and freedom. I think this picture really demonstrates that as well. The Statue of Liberty is essentially the entire size of the picture. It is clearly the focal point. Apart of the American dream is that anything is possible. This photo helps portray that with the Statue of Liberty being in the sky almost. The angle of the picture looks like the statue is in the clouds. It is a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and only a few clouds to show the height of the statue. This photo is almost literally taking the idea that “the sky’s the limit” to give the idea of the American dream. Even the buildings in the background at a distance and the bridge look so tiny compared to the Statue of Liberty. Another aspect of the American dream displayed through this picture is that you can clearly see the detail on the body. It is a brownish color that is clearly different then the green of the statue. This symbolizes the work that one needs to do to live the American dream. It is possible to accomplish, but it also isn’t easy, and even the Statue of Liberty got dirty doing it. I think people just look at this photo and think it is just the Statue of Liberty. However, the height, the sky, and the wear and tear of the weather, really show aspects of what the Statue of Liberty is symbolized for.

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