F*** Your Morals

I chose this image because although it can be offensive to some, I think it serves to relay a very powerful message. I feel that the main ideology being conveyed here is self-assurance. This image tells the viewer to be true to themselves regardless of what anyone else thinks. There is a man kicking the woman in this photo because of her actions but still she is standing tall for her own ‘morals’ rather than abiding by those of someone else. More specifically this image promotes the strength of women and their rights in society. In many cultures a topless woman in public is unacceptable, but this woman shows her own strength, being topless, having her fist clenched in the air and having “F*** Your Morals” painted on her bare top. Also I take note to the setting of his photo which seems to just be a sidewalk. This further empowers the ideology in the image because it gives power to the average every-day person. She doesn’t need a giant audience or fancy placement to make a statement, just her own will.


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  1. This woman is a member of the activist group FEMEN, which uses sextremism to rebel again patriarchal societies, promote separate of church and state (sometimes straight-up atheism), and promote female sexuality and sexual freedom. This woman had positioned herself outside of the Mosquee de Paris — a two-fold protest of patriarchy, one being political/societal patriarchy and the other being religious (more specifically the patriarchy of Islam, as evidenced by the makeshift burka). So, I agree that this is an image which promotes women’s rights and female strength. I’m also interested in what the man in this image represents, though. In kicking the female protester, he is actively participating and representing the patriarchy. Though, I wonder if he is acting on behalf of the political/societal patriarchy or also a religious patriarchy (and which one)? I also wonder if this protester has any personal relationship to the mosque or those who worship at this mosque, as members of FEMEN practice atheism? But I also agree that the framing of this woman’s protest (on a pubic sidewalk) promotes feminism as an ideology for every woman, as all FEMEN protests occur is pubic arenas.

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