Use only what you need


Up until recently, American society was one of wastefulness and excess. However, now there is a greater awareness on how much is being used. This advertisement for Denver Water demonstrates a shifting trend in American ideology from one of extravagance to conservation. This advertisement depicts an unfinished park bench that only has enough completed bench for one person to sit down comfortably. The linguistic message states “use only what you need”, with the brand “Denver Water” underneath in smaller lettering. Having the rest of the bench there would only be wasting the extra resources that could be used in a more beneficial way. Portraying the bench in this manner opens makes the viewer think about conservation in way that is outside side of the box, in a very unique and clever way.

Typically water companies get paid based on how much water was consumed in a given period of time. The fact that this water company’s advertisement is preaching saving and to use only the minimal amount necessary even though it may cut into profits, lends credence to this growing ideology of conversation and frugality.


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