As I was looking for an image for this blog post I came across this one on the internet.  I happen to notice that this image also was in our textbook in the cultural appropriation section.  I think that this picture is a great example of cultural appropriation.  This image was created in 2004 by Copper Greene.  It is a play on the famous and well known iPod billboards.  In 2004 iPod was getting bigger and bigger.  The play on this was very relevant and up to date with its time.  Also, relevant was the well known atrocities committed by U.S soldiers in Iraq at the Abu Ghraib prison.  In this picture instead of headphones being in the ears of the person, you see strings going to their fingers. The caption at the bottom reads ” 10,000 volts in your pocket, guilty or innocent”.  Meaning the cruel punishment of electrocution in this prison.  The word volts is a play on words because of the iPod and electric killings.  The meaning behind the work is to not only get people to realize the killings in the prison but also to show a relationship between the war and American Culture.   


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