Lady Gaga Album Cover

Lady Gaga Album Cover

I have seen this album cover a number of times, but have never truly took the time to truly analyze it until now. The term gaze means in plain and simple terms is to look, but it has more depth than that. Humans are constantly being the subject and the object of gazes.

The book also discusses the term modernity, which basically means being present or keeping up with current times, culture, and trends. Lady Gaga has always held a place under the spotlight with her constantly changing music style and interesting choices in attire. In this photo and in general she has become a human subject in which people all over the world gaze upon.

This image shows Lady Gaga, who is a modern day pop star, with a fixed gaze upon the viewer. This photo in particular plays interesting off of the term gaze. In a way the viewer is the one that studies and gazes at this digital album cover of Lady Gaga. If you look at her face you will see that she is holding a powerful gaze back at the viewer, making her in control of this situation even though she is merely an image in this instance. Her gaze is powerful because of the confident way in which she presents herself in this photo. She is nude yet still modest. She has a stoic expression with her eyes fixed open something. So in a way she too is gazing back at the viewer.


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  1. Being that Lady Gaga is a female her feminine characteristics definitely make the spectator stop and try to decode the photograph. Lady Gaga uses her provocative gaze to almost charm the spectator into her magical world. The connotative meaning of this particular album cover is sex and youthfulness. She is displaying her nude body to insinuate a rebirth of the reinvigorated art pop culture. Another example of a nude body displayed in the art pop culture is Miley Cyrus. In both cases the nude bodies attract viewers in order to tell their story. For me the denotative meaning of Lady Gaga’s album is obviously nakedness, and a collage of the Birth of Venus seen in the background. This can be attributed to the re-birthing idea.

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