Masculine/Feminine Advertisement

gaze picture

I’m not very familiar with the company that put this advertisement out, but it caught my eye in a major way when I was scrolling through Google Images.  It caught my eye because of the gender roles in the picture and the focus specifically on the power of both genders.  I think that gaze is the best term to use to describe this photo.  Gaze talks about power and focuses specifically on opposites like male/female, black/white, ect. as stated in the book.  There is a defined line of power in this picture.  First of all the way the two people are positioned says a lot.  The woman is higher up on a platform and standing straight up, with her hand on her hip which gives here somewhat of a “cocky” look to her, while the man is down on his knees and almost looks like he’s begging.  The next symbol of power is suggested by the sign the woman is holding up that says “sold” on it.  This in a way, could almost reverse the power role because that sign implies that she can be “bought” which signifies that she doesn’t have much control or power over who or what “buys” or wins her over.  In another way, it can be viewed as the guy was not good enough to win her over and that symbolizes a loss of power.  The spectatorship in this picture I think is directed at women and how maybe dressing nice like the woman in the picture will give them power over men because of how nice they would look with that companies clothes or whatever they sell.


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  1. When I look at this image I see a really abstract meaning behind it. I feel that the gaze of the man to the woman is an adoring one, longing for her attention. He almost seems he would do anything to have her.This is further enforced by his hands on the glass. The gaze of the woman on the other hand makes her seem to be a spectator as if she sees this kind of thing often. Her expression is slightly proud and careless towards the man. She hold the sign up to the glass which says ‘sold’ to further promote the idea that he is lesser than she, and she does not care for his feelings. It is a gesture that says “move on, i’m too good for you”. With that said, one would think the woman has the power in this relationship, especially with her being higher and looking down on the man. My opinion however is that the true power lies in the hands of the man (and often men in general) because he is, hypothetically, putting her on a pedestal. He is simply making her think she is untouchable. If he were in a different stance with a more intimidating gaze, she certainly would be questioning her level in this ‘hierarchy’. I think this image does a really good job at representing the importance of gaze.

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