The Beach

The Beach

This picture best shows what it means to gaze. The term gaze means to show the relationship of looking in which the subject is caught up in dynamics of desire. This picture shows a man looking out onto the beach and ocean. This is a power image. It shows him by himself gazing into the water. His back is to us because the photographer wants to show exactly what his is gazing at. Why he is gazing could be a number of reasons. He could just like the peacefulness of being at the beach. He could also be asking himself the same question most people ask while at the beach; what’s there in all that water? This photo also shows the respect the ocean should be given. It could easily sweep us away. As the way he is gazing and the way the photographer took the picture is very powerful. He took the picture so we are eye level, almost standing behind him. This view allows us to feel how he feels. It also shows the view of the ocean going on for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see. This photo is perfect for anyone who loves the beach. It captures the beauty and mystique of the ocean and what truly is out there in all of that water. For the viewer gazing on the subject (the man in the photo), the viewer gets a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. The viewer can almost feel the ocean breeze and smell the salty air. In conclusion, this is a very powerful image. It captures multiple senses like sight, smell, and feel. It truly shows the respect the ocean deserves and shows the beauty of the beach.



  1. This was an interesting picture to choose because it does not seem like there is a whole lot going on in it. The man in the picture could be thinking about many different things or just standing there waiting for someone. He could have just had a long day and decided to go for a walk on the boardwalk and think about things. On the other hand, he may just be standing there waiting for his girlfriend in a store. Everyone knows women take way too much time in the dumb boardwalk stores. Also it could be his last stop before leaving the beach for the summer.He may have just parked up next to the boardwalk and took one more look to relive the great memories he had that summer.

  2. I do agree that this image shows the beauty and serenity of the beach. However, I believe that this image also has an ulterior agenda. I’m not sure the intent for this photograph, but I read it very much as an advertisement. If we examine why the man in this photo is so happy, it’s because he is at the beach. Therefore, the location of the image seems paramount to its meaning. Would this man be so content if he weren’t at the beach? Is his proximity to the beach the only thing facilitating such a positive response? In this image, I read this as being the case. Consequentially, it makes for a perfect advertisement. I read this photo as saying, “come to the beach and you’ll be able to feel this way.” The image might be even going as far as to say that this type of feeling is attainable only by being at the beach.

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