This ad was released in the beginning of the 2013 golf season to promote Nike products.  It was very controversial as Tiger Woods’ personal affairs had recently been aired all over the media.  I remember when the ad was released, as Tiger had just won the Arnold Palmer Invitational and regained the World #1 ranking for the first time since his personal hiatus. 

                Tiger is known for an intense “poker face.”  Whether he is in the lead or trying to get there, many people say you can see the look in his eyes when he is going to win.  Many ads were created showing this gaze before his big controversy.  For the most part, these ads showed Tiger looking straight at the camera or viewer.  It is very interesting in this ad that Tiger is looking away from the viewer.  His gaze does not look as intense, rather he looks somewhat confused.  His eyes do not have that determination, instead they almost look worried.  This kind of shows how Tiger is not the same as he once was.

                The caption “Winning takes care of everything,” is really what got everyone up in arms.  Many people were saying how if Tiger wins, he will still be viewed as a great player, person, etc.  Spectators are a huge part of professional golf, and these players, especially Tiger are always being viewed in some light.  Tiger’s gaze does not look merely as strong instead, it gives power to the spectator.  He is looking down while the viewer’s eyes go to his face.  This gives more power to the viewer, as a spectator, as it seems Tiger is the one avoiding eye contact.  



  1. While Chris’s analysis provides good insight into this advertisement, I interpreted Tiger Woods’s gaze differently than him. For me, his gaze is not just intense, but focused and calculating. Chris talks about people being able to see winning in Tiger’s eyes and I see that observation here too. In the midst of all the personal issues going on in Tiger’s life at the moment of the photo, he is not distracted by them; he has no time for them in a golf tournament. He cannot afford to waste time looking at the photographer, the crowd, or anything else, not when the tournament is on the line at least. Nothing is more important for him than winning the tournament at hand. This lends itself to the caption “winning takes care of everything.”

    I’ve grown up playing sports and for me, I’ve used sports as a release from the real world, a place where my problems do not matter anymore, at least for the two or three hours that I was playing. To me Tiger’s gaze is saying that he could not let his personal issues interfere with his game, all the while using golf as a release from his personal issues.

  2. After looking at this image and reading both Andrew and Chris’s comments I think they brought up great points for each side. I see where Chris is coming from with the fact that Tiger is not giving you his death stare at your face but at the same time I think Tiger Woods is looking at this putt he has in front of him and nothing is going through his mind besides making the putt. I believe that Tiger still has all the power here because is focused on golf and only golf. Many people would agree with Chris and say that the viewer has the power in this image and Tiger is not the same golfer but I think this is exactly what you need to see out of Tiger because he is the world’s best golfer and is showing this by focusing on his putt and leaving his outside distractions out of his mind.

    I too have grown up playing sports and I have always used them as an outlet to get away from the world and all the problems I may be having. I think this picture is really showing his power to the viewer because he is not worried about what anyone is saying but only focused on golf and winning. The quote “Winning Takes Care of Everything” is a really powerful quote to say and I think that winning will definitely silence his critics on the golf course but his public image has been damaged and Tiger realizes that. Therefore by him not looking into the camera and focusing on his putt he realizes he needs to get back to the basics and just play golf and try to be dominant like he once was.

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