Palmerton Veteran’s Memorial

  vet memorial    vet memorial (2)   vet memorial (3)

The images I have posted are those of the Veteran’s Memorial in Palmerton, PA , the town where I attended high school. It is located in the park which is the central place in our small town and it commemorates all of the veterans from the Palmerton area. The names of those who served are listed on the granite slabs as well as on the pathway. There is a figure in the center that is of a gun and soldier’s helmet which brings the reality of war into the memorial. On this figure it is written “All gave some, Some gave all”. I think this really pulls the whole memorial together, making the viewers realize that this is a place to represent soldiers who fought for our freedom.  There is also a gate surrounding the site that gives a sense of security and respect for the veterans being commemorated.



  1. This imagine has a lot of meaning to me. Both my grandfathers served in the military, serving in the Vietnam and Korean War. Both were badly wounded in the war and received a purple heart for their dedication and time in the war. Most people only see war as glorious, but I see how their wounds have effect them their whole lives. This memorial truly captures what it means to have served for our country. Everyone who served deserves to be honored and remembered. These are our true heroes. Personally, when I look at this image i get a great sense of pride and feel lucky to be in this country. This image captures many things from being proud to be an American, to honoring those who served for our freedom. Everyone should take a second and truly read the names on the stone. Everyone deserves to be remembered for what they have sacrificed, from their knees like my grandfather, to their lives like many others.

  2. These three pictures are incredible. I have a grandfather that fought in the Korean War and I hear all the time how it changed his life, especially with hist post traumatic stress disorder, which is life battling. I feel as if the figure in the center with the gun and the soldiers helmet really identifies the struggle. Not only to protect oneself with the helmet that is a symbol of toughness and protection, but the gun signifies that lives were taken. This being in the center grabs the whole message I believe as the commemoration. I agree with your idea of how the quote ” All gave some, some gave all” truly brings the whole memorial together. It falls back to the give and take idea or just the fact of giving yourself to a cause or to ones Country. I also like how the granite slabs are not in a straight line but facing the main figure in the center with the quote and helmet plus gun. It certainly draws this memorial back together to one whole piece of art.

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