Memorial to a mass shooting in Norway

Norwegian memorial

This designer proposes carving into nature to memorialize the victims of a mass shooting that took place at a summer camp outside Oslo.


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  1. An alternative meaning for this image goes along the lines of the original meaning but takes a completely different direction. While this memorial was made to commemorate the 77 Norwegian campers that were shot to death, Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg, decided to “focus on nature itself.” The alternative meaning I am proposing is that this structure is meant to show viewers how easy it is for humans to manipulate the earths ground. This was a large piece of land that the artist so easily cut; 70 feet was cut out of the island just like that. It was built to honor nature while simultaneously reminding us the power we have over planet Earth. The take away message of my interpretation would be, “As we build upon this planet, it is important to remember the foundations to which we are building upon-nature.”

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