This image is of a NASA space shuttle being launched. I truly believe it represent the ideologies of our culture for two main reasons.  The first reason is that it shows the emphasis our culture places on technology. The large rocket launching pad, next to the metal structure built stories high, with a rocket that looks like it came out of a movie, allows people to understand how important studying the unknown is to our culture.  While we could save the money that it takes to build a space ship, launch it, and give it a crew, we decide to spend it to study what others all around the world are trying to understand before we do.  We could spend that money feeding starving children or building schools, however, as a nation we are so invested in developing the highest and most recent forms of technology so we can make ground breaking discoveries.

     The other reason this represents our culture is it shows our disregard for planet Earth.  This is proven based on the smoke that is coming from the rocket launch.  Viewers can tell this smoke is dirty because of its dark color which is more than present in the bottom right hand corner of the image. Although the smoke is obviously harmful to not only ourselves but the environment as well, we are willing to make the sacrifice in order to understand the world around us more.  In a way, I believe this indifference stems from the level of competition between the United States and other nations such as Russia.  Like in the past, we compete with other nations to gain the most knowledge.  We never seemed to have many boundaries before.   


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