First Full Body MRI


I found this picture on the Medical Research Council website ( which features various information about medical research and highlights different timelines of research and products. This photo is from 1980 according to the website when this group of men, including Sir Peter Mansfield and his colleagues using the first full body MRI. We can understand that this is an important moment because before researchers were only able to get MRIs of certain body parts done, but never at a full scale. It shows the importance of continuing to develop, learn, and build new machinery and tools to help further the knowledge of learning about the body and how to go about finding the exact location of an injury/problem. We can understand that through their smiling faces that this was a huge advancement in the world of MRIs and gave way to learning more about treatment. For the most part they are dressed fairly nice as well which leads the viewer to understand again that this was an important day and moment in scientific history. As of today the MRI machines are much bigger and found in just about every hospital and even some doctors offices and are a huge aspect of detecting problems in the body. This photo goes to show where it all came from and from the faces of the men, we can understand that this was a step in the right direction and other technologies such as FMRI, CT, PET were next, showing how important the development of the full body MRI was at motivating and continuing scientific research.


One comment

  1. I agree with most of the comments that were stated because they describe the visual qualities of the picture that help inform the viewer of the importance of this moment in scientific discovery. The website states that the picture was taken in 1980, but I think without reading this information the viewer is able to visually interpret the time frame of the image. The way that the men are dressed and their hair styles help the viewer grasp a sense of time as well as the fact that there are only men in the picture. The image is also in black and white which gives the viewer a further sense of the time frame of the image. I don’t necessarily agree with the comment that their smiling faces and the way they are dressed help to interpret the significance of the image. I feel that there is more to their facial expressions and clothing. The one guy who is smiling is dressed in a suit which gives a sense of importance because he is in the center of the men standing and draws in the viewer because he is different from the other men. The other men are not smiling and I feel as though the attire that they are wearing are clothes that they usually wear on any given day. They give a sense of seriousness to the image which helps the viewer to interpret that this is an important moment. The center smiling guy that is dressed up gives a sense of happiness allowing the viewer to recognize that it is a good moment and the guys around him give a sense of seriousness which allows the image to give off the implication that it is an important moment.

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