In vitro fertilization


This is an image of one of the beginning stages of in vitro fertilization. I chose this image because I believe it is an example of a cyborg. The book defines a cyborg as a cybernetic organism, part technology and part organism. In vitro fertilization is a process where a doctor physically combines a sperm and egg to be entered into women to potentially create a fetus. I think this is a perfect example of a modern cyborg that has very controversial ideologies in today’s culture. It demonstrates our advancement of medical technology. Essentially, a baby is being made in a petri dish. For those who cannot become pregnant, this is an amazing opportunity that could not have been possible before. On the other hand, it displays the drive for perfection our culture has. For those who have to use sperm or egg donors, they can pick the donors based on superficial genetic aspects. In vitro fertilization is also looked down upon because it is taking a natural event of life that is now performed in a laboratory. I think most cyborgs are controversial because technology is changing so quickly in our culture, and though there are benefits, there are still concerns about the future.  


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  1. When first looking at this image and not having any context to explain most people would think it was a cell under a microscope, but this image is much more than that. In this image a life is being created as long as the egg takes to the mother and there are not any experimental errors.
    Being a biology major and Pre Med I know that this image is not actually how the egg looks. This image is of an egg under a type of dissecting microscope for close up and careful analysis. When working with microscopic things such as cells and eggs many times scientists will you dyes or use GFP to tag specific proteins so it makes it easier to observe and follow the thing in which you are studying. I am not sure if a dye was used here of if they are just using a type of blue light.
    This image is slightly altered compared to how it actually looks in person. This could cause people to have a misconception of cell or in this case egg color. This image is also magnified so people may not be aware of how small eggs really are.

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