Cyborg or X-ray?

Cyborg or X-ray?

While looking for pictures I could not seem to find one that really caught my eye. While browsing for science related images. Taken in 1895 this image shoes a hand with what appears to be a ring around a ring finger. This appealed to me because when looking at an X-ray I know you are looking at a human hand but it looks robotic almost like a cyborg which I though was really interesting. This was a huge break through within the scientific and medical community. This was the first time Doctors could see a injury from the inside. Which allowed for Doctors to make a more accurate diagnoses on patients allowing them to make a quicker recovery. This historic image shows how valuable the progression of the medical field is and how advancing forward can only help people and their injuries. You can tell by how grainy the picture is that it still was not as clear as people would have wanted. in modern times X-rays are a bit different people are required to wear lead vests so they do not get radiation poisoning. As well as how efficient the X-rays are as well as the size of the machines. They are now found within every Dentist, Doctor, and Emergency room around the world. That X-ray started a whole chain of progression within the medical and science field and caused it to keep moving forward. It is amazing to see how far we have come and how far we can go. Allowing us to keep going forward in the scientific spectrum.



  1. I think it is interesting that in the early days of the x-ray, this image could be seen as a cyborg, or robotic, because of the culture’s lack of scientific knowledge at the time. While the image conveys new knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy, through the images of small bones within the hand, we are also reminded of the human aspect of this scientific image in the ring that is on the left ring finger. A ring on this finger typically signifies marriage, a very human experience, so the viewer is reminded that, although this image is not how we typically see humans, it is nevertheless human because of the connection this person has with another human.

  2. It is very interesting how we now know this is clearly a human hand with a ring on it. During the time this was taken, I could see how it might be mistaken for a robotic like figure but the ring does exemplify a “human experience.” The main difference here is that the ring is darker than the hand itself, and clearly stands out in the picture. Depending on the size of a ring, it isn’t always the first thing you notice. Also, the idea behind an engagement ring is for it to be a diamond, at least if it’s a woman’s. This ring is much darker and gives the x-ray a very ominous, mysterious kind of look.
    During the times this was taken, the ring on the finger probably did not seem that out of place. But looking at this image now, the ring gives the x-ray an even more cyborg-like depiction. It is interesting to see how an item’s representation or meaning can transform the look of an image in two very different times.

  3. The obvious visual qualities about this image are that it is an x-ray of a left hand, with an object that strongly resembles a ring on the “wedding finger.” What I think is interesting about this image is that it can be interpreted as a simple x-ray that was distorted by a person who forgot to remove their jewelry prior to being examined. The ring like object completely blocks sections of the ring finger that cannot be penetrated through; creating really dark/black areas. Thus a doctor may not be able to view what potentially can be under those sections accurately enough. This ring object hinders the relatively clear depiction of the skeleton and variations in bone density.

  4. I think this is a very interesting post because of how it was misinterpreted. To us now, it is obvious that it is a human hang with a ring on the finger but I can also see how they thought it could be robotic or look like a cyborg. It is crazy how far our technology has come and how much more intelligent we are when it comes to science. The ring does look a lot different in color which could also be why it was mistaken as a cyborg and they did not know what a hand looked like under x-ray. Looking at this image reminded me of my own experience when I broke my finger and had to get x-rays on it. It was the first time I had seen actual x-rays and it was really different looking to me. I knew what they were because of seeing others before but that experience helps me relate to how little they actually knew.

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