Three ways of combining science!

Three ways of combining science!

This may be a stretch and I am not a physics major or into science but this caught my eye. This photo captures the concept of dance, science, and photography in one snap shot. Professionals from Yale University are doing a project on a new discovery of the particle consistent with the ” Higgs Boson”. This is an understanding of the Higgs field which ” endows all matter with mass, what gives our Universe substance”. BRIEF CONTEXT
This photo was clearly produced to convey a new scientific concept through the powerful means of photography. The visualization of this can give off the idea of doing multiple things at once ( ballet, physics, and the motion of her body), and than wondering how is science related.
Positivism is based on finding the right answers and this new idea is still being tackled for Scientists and Physicists. This photo is shaping our belief of how we can do everyday activities maybe even at once through a belief and culture of a fast past society. Her body speaks the fitness of her arms doing different activities ( one writing on the board, and another in a dance position). One could argue that her feet are probably pointed up due to a ballet move. However, this captured in a photo influences questions to this new finding of Scientist.
Interpretations can easily vary, especially the way one researches this new Scientific finding.


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