Isolation then and now

During the group activity in class, I was assigned the image of Hopper’s Nighthawks, which depicts three lone diners and a waiter in an anonymous all night diner. I thought that the appropriations I saw while doing the group activity were really interesting, so I wanted to revisit this one…

This image appropriates Hopper’s original Nighthawks, but as I learned in class, this specific painting is in the public domain, so there are no copyright issues in the reproduction and adaptation of the more modern image. I do find this image interesting because it expands on Hopper’s themes of isolation in a large city to the more modern era of technology. In the modern reproduction, the diners are not only anonymous and isolated from one another because of the large city, but also because of the internet and computer technology (as seen because all of the diners are on laptops). This shows that we are become even more isolated from one another in the wake of technological advances because we no longer interact with others, only with our technology.


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