More Than Soup


                  Andy Warhol’s 32 Soup Cans was the image my group was designated to discuss during class on Wednesday. I wanted to take a deeper look at the image as I was intrigued by some of the facts we discovered during class.
                The fact that Warhol painted basically the same image for each individual canvas seems highly tedious but stresses the elegance in the simplicity of the image itself. Very easily repeated, a Campbell’s soup does not seem like much at all. The image has no complex differences other than the writing explaining the type of soup. These paintings caused serious commotion in art culture as it represented the commercial subject. A Campbell’s soup can was something that everyone of that time could recognize. It was a common, household image that would not take much interpretation to understand. Everyone could relate in their own personal way but with basically the same image.

                This image was obviously a great advertisement for Campbell’s soups. People already knew them as a household item, after this they were solidified in art history. The item itself now has a meaning more than a possible choice for dinner. The soup cans were immortalized by these images and as a result, multiple appropriations have been created since.



  1. I agree with Chris here and see how simplistic this image really is but yet it has such a powerful meaning that everybody knows. I think it shows the true impressiveness of Andy Warhol by painting each can individually. This is also really interesting because a can of soup is so simple and seems like it has no meaning but this image is so familiar with everyone and everyone can relate to it in a different way. This soup can really does have a special place in history and has been appropriated with many different things. I think Campbell soup almost wanted to be known as America’s favorite soup and it now has a special place in American History. I think what i find most impressive about this image is how each can is almost perfectly similar but the only difference is just in the name of the soup. Back in time I’m sure that Campbell’s was just a brand on a can of soup but as time has passed it has truly gained a powerful message of a family soup and the logo can be the face on so many things. It is tough for a company to find an image to advertise for many years and Campbells was able to do this with this image and it really changed the face of their entire business as it is known as America’s soup.

  2. Indeed, these are paintings in the sense that they are paint on canvas. But Warhol (likely with the help of studio assistants) used the silkscreen technique to picture the soup cans on canvas. Silkscreening is typically associated with commercial art, and as a form of printmaking, was made to be reproduced (unlike a unique oil painting made by one artist’s hand). How does this change both of your assessments?

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