The Last Supper


This is the famous painting called “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.  This picture represents the reaction of the Apostles when Jesus told them all that one of them would betray him and also represents Jesus’ last meal, hence the title, “The Last Supper”.  I chose this painting because a lot of people know what it is and how popular this painting is.  This painting is not protected under copyright laws in the US or in Italy, where it is now.  It was produced before the copyright laws were introduced, so therefore, it is not protected under them.  Due to the lack of a copyright, this painting has been changed and manipulated many times into things such as advertisements for movies, greeting cards and funny images to give people a good laugh.  This painting has been mass reproduced and is one of the most well known images in the world.  Some of the reproductions are just clarified and almost high definition versions of the original, as well as pain replicas of the original. while others have almost nothing to do with the original image. I have never seen any political use of this painting, and I do not think that it could really relate to politics very much due to the fact that the painting is a symbol of religion and not anything government or politics related.


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