Susie Ray’s Replica of Edouard Monet’s Painting


While searching for images, I came across this one by Susie Ray, who has been a copyist for more than 25 years.  Her work is so similar to the original even experts can’t tell the difference all the time.  What is interesting about the copying of images in her case, is that there are a demand for them, mostly by museums who use them when the original work is being cleaned, restored, or loaned.  Susie profits off the copies and her paintings have hung in galleries when the real painting was on loan.  What makes copying interest for her, is that she asserts that its important to not have a style of her own but must look like the original artist.  She doesn’t sell her paintings to buyers who are not aware that it is a copy before purchasing.  She adhere’s to strict copyright laws which permit copying 70 years after the original artist has died.  According to this information, I believe the copying of paintings increase the value of the originals and at the same time doesn’t decrease the value of the copy.  



  1. It is interesting that the artist Susie Ray finds a fascination in replicating other artist’s works. It is hard to imagination that any artist could become famous just from essentially copying the art work of another artist. It is definitely an extraordinary talent to be able to recreate an artwork which such detail that not even experts can tell the difference but, it would seem that most art enthusiasts appreciate art because it is an expression of what the artist feels. In the case of Susie Ray she is not expressing herself through her artwork but more importantly she takes pride in perfecting the craft of replication. Her artwork is especially important in today’s society because it is less important about the aura of the original artwork and more important about allowing people to be educated about the artwork itself even if it is a copy. For example museums that do not have a particular original artwork would rather have a Susie Ray copy than nothing at all because viewers can still visualize and enjoy the artwork even if it is not an original.

  2. I’m really impressed with the work that she does. It must be a difficult process mixing colors to match the original painting. It’s cool to hear about someone who replicates art as a legal profession, because we usually associate replicated art with fraud. I feel that her work honors the original pieces while helping the value appreciate and get more recognition. The fact that museums put replicated art on display is interesting because we can still receive the same visual impressions even though the artwork is not original.

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