iPhone/ iPad Master Pieces

iPhone/ iPad Master Pieces

This replicated image of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night was created with the use today’s technology. At first glance it is unmistakably recognized as Starry Night, but with closer analysis you can see that this replicated image is a lot less detailed. It looks as if this image was created on a tablet with a stylus rather than painted on a canvas with a brush. This image was actually created on an iPhone/ iPad app called the brushes app by artist Jorge Colombo. In Van Gogh’s painting you can see all of the brush strokes and the flecks of multiple different colors integrated throughout the entire piece. This replicated image is smooth compared to the original. It also seems to lack dimensions when compared to the original. The original piece has more noticeable lines and the colors are layered not blended but that is what gives Starry Night character. I choose this image because Starry Night along with many other older painting is often replicated either for personal use or commercial use. Today you can order a canvas, a blanket, a phone case etc. with this image printed on it. The more popular this image becomes and the more it is used the more authentic the original will be. Since this painting is so old copyright laws have expired allowing for the wide commercial use of this famous piece.


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  1. As Amanda said, at first glance I thought this was actually the “Starry Night” that was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889. I think it is interesting to note that I had to search “Starry Night original” just to ensure that I would get an image of the actual painting and not just an appropriated version of it. I would contest that this is one of the most easily recognizable paintings to the general public. This is evident by how reproduced and appropriated that this painting actually is. Since Van Gogh has been dead for over 100 years, copyright laws do not play much of a factor anymore, in terms of reproducibility. I’ve seen this painting appropriated with the batman symbol as one of the stars and even a version where the pointed image on the left is turned into the Sauron’s tower from Lord of the Rings.

    This reproduction stays fairly true to the original, though lacking much of the fine details that Van Gogh placed in the original. I would like to know whether this is a shortcoming of the iPad technology of simply how the artist wanted to interpret his work. I also agree with Amanda that because of the reproducibility of “Starry Night” helps inflate the worth of the original, as the original is thought to be insured for at least $100 million dollars.

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