Sports Nation Chicago Cubs

Sports Nation Chicago Cubs

After looking through my Facebook I saw this photo published by Sports Nation. From this photo you can see that this photo was designed to try to target and reach a large audience and give a general message to a large amount of people. The large mass media are radio, television, cinema, and the press. Sports Nation posted this image to their social media and then it was released on their show on television and in the press. I think that this image mattered to the sports world because it is a very powerful image showing historical figures and the progression of history through time through houses and technology of cars. By using these examples it is able to encounter a lot of different audiences because everyone is able to relate to the first car, house prices, the famous president, or a famous baseball player like Babe Ruth. I would say this image really mattered because it did a great job of getting the point across to the different audiences and really established the meaning of the image. This is a powerful image because it is showing how long in time it has been since the MLB team the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series. This image uses powerful images within it to show the audience that it has been over a hundred years since this franchise has won a title. I do not think that the meaning of this message can really be missed by the audience because it is simply showing that it has been more than a century since the Chicago Cubs have won a title. This image could have been posted in many different medias such as twitter, instagram or other social media sources. I really enjoyed looking at this image because it conveyed such a powerful message to such a large audience. Even though this picture was primarily focusing on the Chicago Cubs it also referred to many different industries such as the progression of the auto motive vehicle, the housing industry, the presidents of America, and famous baseball players themselves. This image really mattered because not only is it showing America’s pastime sport but it is really showing America’s history in a powerful image. The media did a great job of selecting these four images to be put together to make a larger image resembling the Chicago Cubs. What I like most about this image through the media is that there is a sense of humor with the words posted, and while you are laughing at the picture you are realizing how impressive and far we have come as a country. This image could have been posted on many different social medias, but the one where I saw it was on Facebook, and then later watching Sports Nation this picture came up again.


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  1. This image is not like one that I would typically see on a regular basis as I am not too much of a baseball fan or follow any baseball pages/accounts on social media or watch sports shows that much. In addition to the various locations that were listed where this was seen, this could also be featured throughout various baseball stadiums up on a big screen during a game of other sports teams to show that they aren’t worried about having to play the Cubs since the last time they won the World Series was so long ago, back to when a house was $5,500. Also, it could be a flyer posted throughout parking lots of various stadiums or even in local shops or restaurants around cities that have to play the Cubs soon and are not too worried about having to play them.

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