America the Beautiful


This is a still frame from a Coca-Cola ad that originally aired during the Super bowl. On Tuesday, I happened to run into it again in the form of a YouTube ad. In the ad, people are shown drinking a coke and singing “America the Beautiful.” As the ad continues, it shows people from different nations singing along, all in different languages. Though it’s not a photograph, I believe this ad is the epitome of mass media. It is attempting to address a global population unified under America, as well as the Coca-Cola Corporation. The ideals expressed in the ad are attempting to unify the two, and portray Coca-Cola as the embodiment of American ideals and the American spirit. It is this sense that the ad is trying to piggyback off of notions of patriotism, while simultaneously portraying itself and America as benevolent global forces. However, this seems highly ironic given Coca-Cola’s reputation in developing countries. In many of the countries this ad is meant to show, the corporation has a reputation of exploiting non-unionized labor, yet has the audacity to claim that it is both a corporation and a product of harmony and global unity (not to mention the many health problems associated with mass consumption of sugary drinks). 


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