Maryland Baseball



  1. The source I got this from was my friend Jamies twitter account while I was on twitter the Tuesday of my media diary. The boy up to bat in the picture is her friend from home, who she went to go see play baseball. Since this photo was on twitter, the media in which it was seen would be considered Mass Media. I think this picture is really a lot like the photos that one encounters on twitter. Most of the time it is just pictures of people who are posting things of their friends or cool things they have found online. Another form of media that this photo could have been accessed would be the news. Jamie’s friend plays baseball and is very good at it, in this specific game, he won the game with a walk off home run. This might be published with an article in the school news paper showing that Charlie has won a important game for Maryland. The meaning of the image most definitely could change with another form of media, due to what the caption says or what the article it was published with was talking about.

  2. I think this is a common picture that would be found on most people’s social media feeds on a day to day basis. At first thought, I would think this to be an example of mass media. It is on a social media, where people connect with their friends. Maryland is a big university, and their sports could have a big following, so someone posting a picture like this could have a lot of fan followers. I agree with Riley about how this picture could have a different meaning depending on the form of media, whether it be from the school or just someone in the stands. If it were just someone in the stands, I think this could possibly be not mass also. This is because the person that put this picture on twitter could have a private account. To gain access, the user would have to approve of you, and there may be a very small, select group of followers. I think this is very interesting in that even though most social medias are usually mass media, there are still protection and privacy settings that could question if the is mass or not mass.

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