Manziel Twitter Craze

Manziel Twitter Craze

I accessed Twitter Tuesday morning and saw this picture come across my timeline. It is a picture of Johnny Manziel throwing a ball during his pro day. This picture is unique because his pro day was march 27th but even five days later people are still going crazy about Manziel having an impression pro day performance. His audience even included former president George Bush. The media which was twitter is definitely defined as mass media. The twitter handle, NFL, which published Manziel’s photo has 6.19 million followers so 6.19 million people had the potential to view this photo and retweet it so their friends had the potential to view it too. Under McLuhan’s definition this media matters because it had the potential to amplify a human sense.



  1. The picture of Jonny Manziel (Jonny Football) is definitely similar to an image I would encounter on a regular basis. The original post by Rob was from twitter. I actually saw this image because I follow the NFL twitter account. This is a great example of mass media. Other medias that the image was on would be Instagram, Facebook, the news, ESPN, newspapers, sports magazines, and many more. The image really wouldn’t have a different meaning or message by using a different media. Throughout all the different medias, the picture is the same. It is Jonny Football performing very well in his pro day and sponsoring Nike as he does it.

    1. Johnny Manziel is a picture that I see daily, I follow him on twitter as well as I follow Texas A&M and they posted this picture the day of his pro-day. I would say that this image is a pretty good example of mass media. It was released all over twitter on the news, Espn had a segment on Manziel and this was the photo for it. So many people had the opportunity to see Manziel if they already didn’t know who he was.. As far as having a different meaning or message, there really cannot be one. He was on his pro-day playing football doing what he loves. Now say if he had performed poorly then media could spin the image into a negative light saying that he was a bust and would never do well in the NFL. But that is no the case. The image is just what it show. Johnny Manziel doing what he does best and that is succeed and prove the doubters wrong.

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