Rihanna – Diamonds World Tour

Rihanna DWT

Rihanna performing at her Diamonds World Tour http://instagram.com/diamonds_world_tour

On Tuesday I viewed this image on Instagram. It is a photo of pop/r&b star Rihanna, performing at her Diamonds World Tour. As a fan of Rihanna, I follow her and a few profiles that post about her. I see a lot of images like this one whenever I use my social media. I think this photo matters in the sense that she is an icon in music today and it also speaks directly to her fans who may have attended this tour. Because the account I accessed this image from has 27k followers and Rihanna is so famous herself (she personally has 12.5 million followers) I would say it falls under mass media. This image could also easily be seen on television, whether it is on a music channel or another channel featuring Rihanna.


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  1. Yes, this image from instagram is certainly a form of mass media. I think that iconic figures like Rihanna especially are constantly on social media networks. Especially because they know the people are interested in their every move. I actually remember my friend showing me this image from her instagram. Besides social media, this image could also be seen through TV or the news. Her Diamonds World Tour is so popular im sure many news channels or TV stations would broadcast this image. I think seen through TV this image would have a similar impact as being seen through social media. The only little difference could be a TV could illustrate more individuals looking in on her at once while building that social aspect. Either way it is a powerful image that many will see.

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