Selfie with Obama


I was looking at the Wall Street Journal online and on the front home page was this picture of the Boston Red Sox taking a picture with President Obama, specifically David Ortiz taking a “selfie” with the President. I think the Wall Street Journal is a very popular and well read newspaper, and with the added convenience of being online is even more accessible (though it costs a certain monthly fee) it can be considered mass media. It is a tradition that the winning teams of each professional sports team in America gets to go to the White House and be congratulated by the president; the Red Sox recently won the World Series. The media itself matters because the picture was taken with a digital camera, something that the vast majority of people are in possession of. The type of photo or “selfie” has been getting a lot of attention and becoming increasingly more popular; a selfie taken from the Oscars even broke the twitter record for most retweets. The fact that the President of the United States and a famous baseball player are taking “selfies” just like any common citizen is almost a homogenized and equal level type feel.


One comment

  1. I really like this image. It is like the viewer is getting a glance at a fleeting moment that the President and the Red Sox player were not aware of. I think that the viewer engages in a sort of voyeuristic act by being able to see the President of the United States in a more relaxed moment, where his personality can be seen more readily.

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