Appropriation Everywhere


Appropriated images are all around us and can lead viewers to better understand how times have changed, just like the duck face Mona Lisa image. I came across this image of Ronald McDonald photo shopped into the same statue of Michelangelo’s “David” statue from 1504. The original seventeen foot high marble statue commands attention as it is so large and tall yet he is positioned there so simple as if we were just gazing up at him naturally in his own space. When I looked at this image of the “David” statue, I got a sense that he is an iconic man that resembles power and attention from viewers simply by his presence. In the case of the Ronald McDonald image, I got this same sense as well. We see what was once the statue of “David” transformed into Ronald McDonald in full McDonald attire, boots, and even holding a burger in his hand. This image also holds these same senses of an iconic man with power and calling for attention. Although Ronald McDonald is not reaching out to the viewer or doing anything in specific to get attention, the positioning and colors call our attention to look at him. Ronald McDonald has a lot of associations to being an iconic man that pretty much everyone knows and we definitely do not need to question where the color scheme or anything about him. The “David” statue was and still is seen as an important sculpture in that era but by appropriating this, viewers can understand how McDonalds is a large factor of today’s society in the fast food industry and everyone can recognize and understand this photo in the same way that people viewed the “David” sculpture back in 1504. Taking this old and massive statue and creating an image portraying the statue as Ronald McDonald goes to show that just about anything can be appropriated and can be understood to numerous people.



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