“Remembering 9-11” BY: Cathy Johnson–An Artist’s Journal

This painting of the September 11th event reminded me a lot of concepts from the first half of the course. From observing this painting one feels sadness and in many ways emptiness. I would say that the connoted image falls in line with the grief and emotions that became symbolic to when many think of September 11th. What Barthes would call the signifier’s would include the gray colors that consume most of the body of the picture, the girl seeming to be crying in the middle, and the two figures looking away and down. Interpellation  is also conveyed in the way the painting grabs the viewer. The smoke and fire from the building is so captivating and symbolizing a destruction or catastrophe. Their is no life in the painting, one may see three individuals but they seem to have no set body. Everything about them looks transparent, as if they are no longer human and possibly disconnected from their body in a ghost form. I would argue that this image calls for someone to care, and remember the grief. . Their bodies look attached as if they are one but their pain and grief is different, meaning their suffering is not the same. I think the artist of this painting made the twin towers in the back not as clear as the three individuals because the twin towers could always be rebuilt, but the people and the lives will not come back.          Sept 11 image


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