Simpsons Pastiche

The image below is an example of Pastiche.  Pastiche is similar but also different to a parody.  A parody actually mimics and represents an image in a negative way.  A pastiche reflects that previous image in the same way or even positively.  In this image below is a representation of the film Silence of the Lambs.  Anthony Hopkins is wearing a mask showing how dangerous he is and how evil he is.  Mr. Burns is also wearing the mask as well comparing the evils together.  The Simpsons do pastiches like this all the time with TV shows and movies.




  1. I think the image could also be seen as a representation of a parody. Even though pastiche is an imitation that announces itself as such , when it begins to rework elements of the past, pastiche turns into a parody(Sturken&Cartwright). The Simpsons are operating on two levels in the sense that it participates in the codes of a genre, and at the same time, they are parodying the codes. Here in this image, The Simpsons remake The Silence of the Lambs scene into its story line. This photo incorporates one of the particular plot elements of the film into its existing character(Sturken&Cartwright).

  2. I really appreciate this post because I’ve honestly never thought about how much The Simpsons use parody and pastiche in their episodes until now and I have been watching the show for years. It seems that much of the humor in the show is actually driven by various mimicking tactics that illustrate the concepts of parody and pastiche. This image that was chosen shows two villains through using pastiche as the author states, but I think it is interesting that with more context of the rest of the episode one might argue that it is a parody. This episode also includes a moment where Lecter is auditioning to be Mr. Burns and makes fun of Mr. Burns who in a creepy tone often says, “Excellent.” In that moment The Simpsons use a parody because they use a movie reference to make fun of Mr. Burns. However, the image by itself I agree is a pastiche because it is mimicking Lecter without any clear negativity encoded in the image that could make it a parody.

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