Wine Bottle Bricolage


The image above is an example of bricolage found from Pinterest.  This technique is one where you take something that already exists and use it for a different purpose.  The original object already has a purpose, however, with bricolage, the purpose is changed.  In this image, it is apparent that the objects that are holding the flowers (I’m not sure what those cranberry things are actually called) were originally wine bottles. The primary use of the bottle was to serve as an object that holds a liquid beverage: wine.  However, whoever made the objects in the image changed the meaning of the bottles.  

After painting the bottles white, adding gold string to the top, and writing the word “joy,” the creator changed the use of the bottles.  Instead of holding a beverage, it now is used as a Christmas decoration.  One can assume it is used for Christmas time because the word joy is associated with Christmas, he snowflake represents winter, and red, white, and gold are all Christmas colors.  While the bottles are still used to hold something, their primary purpose now is to stand as a decoration.  


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