During our last class, all I could think about was this video. This music video of the song named “#Selfie” represents all that is negative about the selfie culture and what our generation may look like to others. This song mentions some of the dumbest remarks and shows an attractive, yet clearly unintelligent girl saying certain popular sayings. At the end of each verse, she says, “Let me take a selfie.” This video represents the selfie as a sort of joke. It makes fun of the culture and makes it seem like the unintelligent are the ones who are participating in such a culture. Yet, at the end of each verse, tons of photos show up of people’s selfies.
I think it is important to note the type of music that is playing during this song. At first, I thought it was possible one of the dumbest things I’ve seen on the internet, but after a while it was kind of catchy. It is very much a “top 100” kind of tune. This adds to the overall message of the song. It shows how this sort of selfie culture has become increasingly popular yet does not actually hold much value. The music is simply a beat and a girl speaking, not even singing. This is definitely a negative portrayal of the selfie and what it represents. The fact that so many people are shown and involved in the video simply makes me worry about our generation and the generation we will raise as parents.



  1. I really agree with what Chris is saying here and it really says a lot about our culture. After watching this awful video it really showed the viewer how unintelligent and pointless this video was but yet how so many people adapt to this and want to feel popular so they do it. This shows a lot about how our culture has changed and people care so much about what others are doing and what is popular. This really concerns me moving forward because clearly we are making fun of ourselves doing this but we do not care because we think it is popular. As technology and social media becomes more prevalent in all of our lives this really concerns me because it seems like we are only getting more careless and ignorant from this. While listening to this song there are about ten different words used and it really makes the listener think about how dumb this song is. After all of the verses it ends by saying “let me take a selfie” it almost is making fun of the artist by saying this but so many people listen and party to this song. I think that because so many people are on social media now and so many people have a twitter and a Facebook songs like these go viral and then everyone praises them and they become the center of attention. This is really scary for our generation because we are not being individualist here we are just following what is popular and cool and doing what everyone else does. If you literally look at this song or listen to it, it is absolutely pointless and so is the concept of taking a selfie. So many things are changing moving forward, and it seems like people are losing interesting in actually doing activities and now people just care about taking a photograph rather than doing an activity.

  2. There is obviously a negative portrayal of taking “selfies” from older generations and even people within our generation. Some people think it’s egotistical, narcissistic, or just pointless. But lets face the facts; selfies were around decades before they became known as the illustrious “selfie” and it doesn’t look like the act of taking a selfie is going to fade anytime soon. It is better to accept the fact that selfies are a part of our culture and to learn why selfies are actually important to our mental health. People post selfies for self-expression and more importantly for positive reinforcement from their peers. So instead of disliking the selfie lets just embrace it and remember that everyone, one time or another, has taken that mirror selfie for a tad bit of a self confidence booster.

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