Aston Martin Ad



I came across this a while ago when I was on twitter, and it immediately caught my attention. It is an advertisement for pre-owned Aston Martin cars. Although it is gutsy and rather sexist, this is one of my favorite ads because of how effective it is. The caption says “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” Because of the image, is clearly aimed at the male population. I find it to be entirely effective because when one thinks of buying a new car (especially if you have enough money to buy an Aston Martin in the first place) they tend to really want a brand new one, never touched before. This advertisement redirects your thinking by pointing out that even though the car may be used it is still beautiful and stunning, just as this woman, although she has had past partners (implied), is still stunning. It makes a man think “I wouldn’t care if she had past partners, so why should I care if a beautiful Aston Martin has had past owners?” It is also effective because of how brazen it is. It will catch attention, and those who hate it will talk about it, as well as those who appreciated it. Either way the idea of pre-owned Aston Martins will reach the public.


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  1. In relation to our discussion of advertising and marketing, I believe this image pertains to the theory that we not only buy the product, but the connotation of the product as well. In this ad, I’d say this connotation is one of sexual desire, as well as the capability to bring this sexual desire to fruition. This seems to be a key point in the ad’s design, as it addresses and assuages our apprehension in buying a used car. It is a luxury vehicle, but it has been previously owned. Thus, in a sense, the case could be made that the vehicle has essentially lost its luxury – this ad addresses that concern, and rebuttals our concern by metaphorically rendering a scantily clad model as a pre-owned Aston Martin, ready and available for our consumption.

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