Classical Lego Works of Art

Classical Lego Works of Art

Marco Pece is an artist that uses appropriation to put a new spin on old classical works of art and film. This image shown here is an appropriated image of the Mona Lisa. Marco uses lego piece to recreate famous works of art and scenes from movies. In an interview when asked why use legos Marco responded because it brings a sense of youth to a high culture and classical time. Pece stated “Everything flows from appropriating the world of art, to revitalizing and transforming its grandeur and pompous style in the simplicity and directness of the message.” Appropriation is taking a preexisting piece of art and using those aspects from that work to create another work of art that can be connected back to the original work. Since this image is compelling a more fun and playful approach at the Mona Lisa I would say that I think this is a sense of parody. Since this work of art is created with the use of lego pieces, there is an element of humor in this photo even though the Mona Lisa painting has been copied and appropriated on dozens of different occasions. Some people may think that since the Mona Lisa is to over done that this image exhibits more pastiche than parody, but ultimately like most things in the art world it us up to the viewer and what that spectator gains from reading concealed clues given by works of art.


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