“Joking Bad”



(Jimmy Fallon as Walter White and Steve Higgins as Jesse from Breaking Bad)

            Recently we have been discussing the term parody and we have previously discussed the aspect of image icons in visual culture. The image above conveys both of these concepts. The image above is a parody by Jimmy Fallon because he is mimicking the AMC’s hit drama called Breaking Bad. Jimmy made an entire video short where he alters things from his famous night show and makes them fit into moments from Breaking Bad. While watching the video and then looking at this image I started to think deeper into what elements were really giving this image meaning as a parody. There have been many parodies made about Breaking Bad, but this one has been popular among the other parodies because Jimmy Fallon is a famous icon in our society. This image is using an icon to make fun of other icons and this gives a lot of viewers a greater sense of meaning. If the parody was done by someone that they were not familiar with I feel as though they wouldn’t take away as much meaning. A possible sense of meaning that viewers may have with the image is through ethos and pathos. Ethos because it is credible and pathos because right away it evokes emotions to the viewer because Jimmy Fallon is famous. Many viewers immediately have a good feeling from the image because Jimmy has established himself as a credible comedian who typically gives viewers good emotions. I realize that my argument may be far-fetched, but that was just my initial reaction when I thought past it being an obvious parody and analyzed the meaning that the image was conveying. 


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