Mass Media

ImageI came across this picture while searching the internet for mass media related images. I think that this is a very good picture when depicting mass media. This also shows the control that the mass media that is shown has on the youth especially. We see examples of photo-shopped images of women that young girls idealize. This type of editing ruins the minds of girls destroying their body image comparing themselves to women that are enhanced and fake. The picture shows a hand reaching out toward the baby as almost to seize control of the mind of the young. The baby is also placed right in front of the screen almost showing that it has no choice but to watch the mass media being shown and how edited and far from the truth most of it truly is. Depicting perfect people in perfect scenario.   



  1. When I was scrolling through the postings from this week, this one caught my eye. I think this picture is a good representation of what certain forms of mass media has done to our society. From a young age we are instantly “grabbed” by mass media and pulled in. I sometimes think that with the birth of television, parents have become lazy. Some simply plop their children in front of a television and walk away, but it is the same parents that blame the television for the bad things that their children see. Looking at my own life, it is hard to think of a time where I am not constantly bombarded with mass media: went I wake up I’m checking my phone, in class I am on my laptop, after class I’ll watch Netflix or the television, even in wismer there are television in lower and music constantly playing in the background in upper. It’s almost as if we are never alone or free from mass media, as it is constantly in our lives.

    1. Compelling image, Zach, and you both offer convincing analyses of the role of mass media in children’s lives. When I saw this image, it reminded me of a still from the 1982 horror movie “Poltergeist” in which the main character Carol Ann sits in front of a TV showing static and a spectral hand appears to reach out to her. (You can see the image at this website and read a synopsis of the movie: I wonder if the image you posted was appropriating this image in any way. If so, we might say that the new image takes what originally had an entertainment/mass media function and turns it around to critique mass media itself.

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