“New Releases”


Here is an image I stumbled upon while searching the web.  I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to talk about the representation of the image.  The representation of the image refers to the use of language and images to create meaning.  Roland Barthes rhetoric of the denotational and connotational message helps explain the image from my interpretation.  The denotation of the image consists of an empty room with bare white shelves.  There is a sign above the shelves that is vibrant with the words ‘New Releases’.  On the floor of the room are some sorts of DVDs or VHSs.  The connotative meaning of this image is significant in the sense that this room once was a thriving business back when going to stores like Blockbuster was the fad.  Now that times are more progressive and technology has taken a grip on society, stores like these become vacant and a past time.  The text in the image addresses the once popular trip of going to the ‘New Releases’ section in a store.  It also signifies the past by once again the hollowness of the room.  

*Fact* After researching further on this image, this photo was taken from a video store training video that all of their workers had to watch in like the 80’s-90’s.


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  1. I remember being excited as a kid to go to a blockbuster and rent a movie for the weekened. Now all you need is a computer or your cellphone to watch a movie. I feel like technology has progressed extremely since my childhood. My nieces and nephews have toys I couldn’t even imagine having when I was younger and I think this makes them more computer savvy. Although it is sad to see businesses like blockbuster die out, technology makes it easier to access movies from the comfort of their home.

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