Land o Fakes

Land o Fakes

While searching through interesting photos on the internet I stumbled across this image of the famous Land of Lakes butter. Clearly this image is using cultural appropriation and making fun of the Indian and American Population in a way. I thought that this image was really funny because everyone know what it is suppose to say on the label but it clearly does not as it says fakes instead of lakes. Also on the bottom of this image there is the word Bitter written across which could be referring to bitter butter but most likely that native Americans are bitter about Americans and us taking over America. It also has a native American man praying kneeling down and it looks like with an American Flag wrapped around him. Clearly this is showing how the American way has overtaken the native American way in this image and that is why it says Land o Fakes because it is portraying as Americans as fake people or bad people for taking the land. Also using Bitter, on the bottom is clearly giving that impression that most native American people are still bitter about what has happened in our history so they are using this famous label of butter that everyone knows about to get back at us. As this image is clearly meant to give the audience a laugh at the same time it has a bit of seriousness to it about the past of America. Originally before this class I would have probably just looked right over this image and not payed close attention to it and the underlying meaning it has but now from taking Art 100 I am able to see a deeper understanding of what images like these can mean and how powerful words can be when displayed with a powerful image.


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