Michael Jackson, 1992 by Jean-Claude Deutsch

Michael Jackson, 1992 by Jean-Claude Deutsch

I found this photo that I have seen a numerous times on an old facebook post one of my friends made. This is a photo of Michael Jackson in 1992 in Libreville Gabon. This is around the time of his Dangerous World Tour. I like this pic because getting on top of the car or busting through the sunroof to acknowledge fans was a common Michael Jackson move, but now the fan base is seemingly all old, high class, African men. Not a women in sight. It is interesting to see that the only people who had a chance to see Michael, or get close to his car, were middle aged men in business attire. Some people are trying to touch him with their finger tips and it looks like some are even trying to make contact with the hand making the peace sign. The two men in the back give it a political type feel because they make me think of secret service agents watching over an important person. This photo reminds me of the egalitarian values that he emphasized us to embrace during his life, which is why I like this photo.


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  1. Lloyd, You make a good point about the homogeneity of the crowd around MJ. It’s interesting that you point to the egalitarian approach he had with his fans. I also see a cult of personality and adoration that reminds me of the Leni Riefenstahl film about Hitler that we watched in class — adoring crowds saluting his car as it parades through Nuremberg.

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