Media Pressure on Athletes

The pressures that Professional Athletes face is incredible. They are some of the most well known people in society and have to deal with all the pressure that goes along with that easy recognition. There are networks that cover each of the big 4 sports and are talking about players 24/7, both negative and positive. When a player makes a good play everyone sees it, but when a player messes up on or off the field everyone see that too. They are constantly being analyzed on every little detail by the press. After every game reporters jump into the athletes face to ask penetrating questions. Some athletes take this well, love the attention, improve because of the pressure. But for every successful athlete there are several more that could not handle the pressure. Quarterbacks are constantly taken 1st overall in the NFL draft, many think it is the most important position on the field. They are normally in their early 20’s and not ready for what will happen next. They come out of college being the most important person in an organization, this would be like starting a business major as the CEO of a company and expecting it to go well. Whole cities poor their hope into one man and it often proves to be too much pressure. Sometimes players do not work out because they do not have the talent or intelligence to make good plays at the professional level, but more times then not players are so scrutinized that they lose all confidence that they had as a player because after a Quarterback has a bad game it is talked about and shown to the public on just how bad they played.

Our society puts a great importance on sports, therefore people want to know what is going on and have as much information about their favorite team as possible. And athletes are paid some much money because of all the interest surrounding them but I am sure they would take a small decrease in pay to be able to just play the game they love and have fun rather then it be treated as such a cut throat business.


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