Month: December 2014

Directed Advertising

Similar to the Big Sort article I would like to further discuss directed advertising and how that affects us. Directed advertising is ads that are specifically placed on our screens because of how we have used the internet previously. Before this class and this article I did not realize that when me and a friend from a different area and have different interests type the same thing into Google that we get two different results. I am extremely impressed with the technology that this must require but do not like the idea. I believe that these algorithms should be focused on providing everyone with the best and most accurate information possible rather than targeting audiences. To me this seems like an uneven playing field, we are not all able to access the same information with the same ease. The directed advertising is totally different in my mind though. For companies to get to profile their customers or potential customers and advertise base upon other interests that their customers most likely have is awesome for business. A make-up commercial is absolutely useless to me and a waste of money. But sports and things that I am interested in on my page will have me looking for more. To summarize I believe that using search history and other information to create this algorithm is fine while trying to advertise. This will have companies more willing to put their adds online which is a great money maker for cites. But I feel that Google and other search engines should not be guessing on what we are looking for according to past searches. This directs people to be single minded and not well rounded.