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Cyborg or X-ray?

Cyborg or X-ray?

While looking for pictures I could not seem to find one that really caught my eye. While browsing for science related images. Taken in 1895 this image shoes a hand with what appears to be a ring around a ring finger. This appealed to me because when looking at an X-ray I know you are looking at a human hand but it looks robotic almost like a cyborg which I though was really interesting. This was a huge break through within the scientific and medical community. This was the first time Doctors could see a injury from the inside. Which allowed for Doctors to make a more accurate diagnoses on patients allowing them to make a quicker recovery. This historic image shows how valuable the progression of the medical field is and how advancing forward can only help people and their injuries. You can tell by how grainy the picture is that it still was not as clear as people would have wanted. in modern times X-rays are a bit different people are required to wear lead vests so they do not get radiation poisoning. As well as how efficient the X-rays are as well as the size of the machines. They are now found within every Dentist, Doctor, and Emergency room around the world. That X-ray started a whole chain of progression within the medical and science field and caused it to keep moving forward. It is amazing to see how far we have come and how far we can go. Allowing us to keep going forward in the scientific spectrum.


The Modern Day Chief

As I was looking for pictures for cultural appropriation. I cam across a picture of a man in a Native American headdress on a site called loupiote. I feel that this is a wonderful example of this concept and shows how society has integrated old customs into newer styles. Headdresses are traditionally worn by the Native Americans tribes chiefs. This picture shows a grizzly looking man staring into the distance. He has his glasses on so you cant see where he is looking. But you can tell by his facial expressions that he is straight faced and comically serious. In older photos chiefs would have a straight face and show no emotion to seem noble and intimidating. You can see also that his feathers are brightly colored something that is very different then normal feathered headdresses. we can relate to this photo by the setting you see him in as he seems to be somewhere with people celebrating something. Also as you look into his sunglasses the reflection seems to show that he is at some type of outdoor concert. In original photos there was no color giving off a very serious tone. In this picture you can see the all the color he is wearing giving a more friendly vibe from this modern day chief. Giving off a more flashy look in appearance but still remaining subtle.  Allowing viewers to chuckle at the piece as we can relate to the items on display while still getting a grasp on where it originated from. This picture takes historical and traditional clothing and turns into a modern, up to date image to show how times and styles have changed. And will continue to change.


The image I selected is from burton snowboarding, I saw this add on the television when I was watching the winter X games. And I felt that it would make a good example for visual culture. This commercial add was during the winter season when everyone is snow boarding. I liked how it had the rider floating through the air effortlessly with the burton logo underneath giving you the linguistic aspect of the add. It also has the landscape behind the rider letting you capture the feel of the setting and giving you the feeling that you were there with the rider as he was sailing through the air. Basically saying if you ride burton you can be like the rider. The fact that there is the burton logo only and no words the red letter B lets the audience know what the picture is about. Basically saying that if you want to be good at snowboarding and ride in amazing places ride Burton. The Url link of the Picture is posted below