Author: dycooper

Simpsons Pastiche

The image below is an example of Pastiche.  Pastiche is similar but also different to a parody.  A parody actually mimics and represents an image in a negative way.  A pastiche reflects that previous image in the same way or even positively.  In this image below is a representation of the film Silence of the Lambs.  Anthony Hopkins is wearing a mask showing how dangerous he is and how evil he is.  Mr. Burns is also wearing the mask as well comparing the evils together.  The Simpsons do pastiches like this all the time with TV shows and movies.





As I was looking for an image for this blog post I came across this one on the internet.  I happen to notice that this image also was in our textbook in the cultural appropriation section.  I think that this picture is a great example of cultural appropriation.  This image was created in 2004 by Copper Greene.  It is a play on the famous and well known iPod billboards.  In 2004 iPod was getting bigger and bigger.  The play on this was very relevant and up to date with its time.  Also, relevant was the well known atrocities committed by U.S soldiers in Iraq at the Abu Ghraib prison.  In this picture instead of headphones being in the ears of the person, you see strings going to their fingers. The caption at the bottom reads ” 10,000 volts in your pocket, guilty or innocent”.  Meaning the cruel punishment of electrocution in this prison.  The word volts is a play on words because of the iPod and electric killings.  The meaning behind the work is to not only get people to realize the killings in the prison but also to show a relationship between the war and American Culture.   

Contemporary Art


When I read the prompt for what we needed to post I decided to look up some contemporary art on Google. I thought about which ones really intrigued me and interested me.  This photo here really caught my attention because of the darkness and personal struggle it shows. A personal function is shown through the deepness of the image. It seems as though the man sitting down can not get rid of something.  There is an over casting shadow of some one or something always there. I feel that the artist of this photo was trying to portray a personal connection to anything.  For me being new to art I liked the personal feeling you got from this photo because I am trying to find my personal connection to art.  This is a 100 level course so for most of us art is a new thing to try and finding a personal connection will take some time and deep thought sort of like this photo.  This photo can relate to Roland Barthes idea of the “rhetoric of a image”.  You can find the connoted message and the denoted message. You can say the denoted message (literal) is that the man is just sitting there looking at his shadow thinking. The connoted message (symbolic) is he is thinking.  Thinking of more then there is a shadow there.