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Aston Martin Ad



I came across this a while ago when I was on twitter, and it immediately caught my attention. It is an advertisement for pre-owned Aston Martin cars. Although it is gutsy and rather sexist, this is one of my favorite ads because of how effective it is. The caption says “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” Because of the image, is clearly aimed at the male population. I find it to be entirely effective because when one thinks of buying a new car (especially if you have enough money to buy an Aston Martin in the first place) they tend to really want a brand new one, never touched before. This advertisement redirects your thinking by pointing out that even though the car may be used it is still beautiful and stunning, just as this woman, although she has had past partners (implied), is still stunning. It makes a man think “I wouldn’t care if she had past partners, so why should I care if a beautiful Aston Martin has had past owners?” It is also effective because of how brazen it is. It will catch attention, and those who hate it will talk about it, as well as those who appreciated it. Either way the idea of pre-owned Aston Martins will reach the public.


Rihanna – Diamonds World Tour

Rihanna DWT

Rihanna performing at her Diamonds World Tour

On Tuesday I viewed this image on Instagram. It is a photo of pop/r&b star Rihanna, performing at her Diamonds World Tour. As a fan of Rihanna, I follow her and a few profiles that post about her. I see a lot of images like this one whenever I use my social media. I think this photo matters in the sense that she is an icon in music today and it also speaks directly to her fans who may have attended this tour. Because the account I accessed this image from has 27k followers and Rihanna is so famous herself (she personally has 12.5 million followers) I would say it falls under mass media. This image could also easily be seen on television, whether it is on a music channel or another channel featuring Rihanna.

Palmerton Veteran’s Memorial

  vet memorial    vet memorial (2)   vet memorial (3)

The images I have posted are those of the Veteran’s Memorial in Palmerton, PA , the town where I attended high school. It is located in the park which is the central place in our small town and it commemorates all of the veterans from the Palmerton area. The names of those who served are listed on the granite slabs as well as on the pathway. There is a figure in the center that is of a gun and soldier’s helmet which brings the reality of war into the memorial. On this figure it is written “All gave some, Some gave all”. I think this really pulls the whole memorial together, making the viewers realize that this is a place to represent soldiers who fought for our freedom.  There is also a gate surrounding the site that gives a sense of security and respect for the veterans being commemorated.

F*** Your Morals

I chose this image because although it can be offensive to some, I think it serves to relay a very powerful message. I feel that the main ideology being conveyed here is self-assurance. This image tells the viewer to be true to themselves regardless of what anyone else thinks. There is a man kicking the woman in this photo because of her actions but still she is standing tall for her own ‘morals’ rather than abiding by those of someone else. More specifically this image promotes the strength of women and their rights in society. In many cultures a topless woman in public is unacceptable, but this woman shows her own strength, being topless, having her fist clenched in the air and having “F*** Your Morals” painted on her bare top. Also I take note to the setting of his photo which seems to just be a sidewalk. This further empowers the ideology in the image because it gives power to the average every-day person. She doesn’t need a giant audience or fancy placement to make a statement, just her own will.